About Kumu

Kumu Networks has captivated the wireless industry with its technology innovation that enables new radio and network designs that were previously considered impossible to implement.

Challenging basic assumptions about wireless communication, Kumu Networks’ team created a full-duplex wireless system that transmits and receives on the same frequency at the same time–doubling spectral efficiency. This unique and innovative solution employs software-controlled, self-interference-cancellation technology, eliminating the need for frequency or time division duplexing. In addition to its potential impact on future standards and markets, Kumu Networks’ technology can be used to enhance today’s spectrum reuse and overcome the limitations of hardware-based filters.

Kumu Executive Team

David Cutrer
Chief Executive Officer

Dave is a serial entrepreneur with a strong history of leadership and success in the wireless infrastructure space. Prior to Kumu Networks, Dave was the co-founder of NextG Networks (sold for $1B in 2012 to Crown Castle) and prior to that was a co-founder of LGC Wireless. Both of these companies led to highly successful exits for all shareholders. During the journey to these accomplishments, Dave has developed a 20-year history of building and managing great teams, developing great products and working closely with customers to ensure their success.

Mayank Jain
Chief Technology Officer

Prior to co-founding Kumu Networks, Mayank was a graduate student at Stanford University where he and his colleagues created the self-interference cancellation technology that led to Kumu’s formation. Mayank authored more than 50 patents and publications that have been cited more than 3000 times. Mayank has an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and a BTech from Delhi University. His past experience includes stints at Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments.

Mike Davies
VP, Finance

Mike has provided financial stewardship at Silicon Valley companies for over 25 years. Prior to joining Kumu, Mike held executive levels positions with Cohere Technologies, Entrisphere (acquired by Ericsson), and California Accessories. He also led the finance function for multiple wireline product divisions at Ericsson. In his spare time Mike volunteers as the treasurer of the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the National Speleological Society. Mike holds a B.Sc. in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Durham in the UK.

Steffen Hahn
VP, Engineering

Steffen has long been pushing technology boundaries in the analog semiconductor space. Prior to Kumu Networks, he ran the engineering organizations at Scintera Networks (acquired by Maxim Integrated) and Quellan (acquired by Intersil Corporation) where we already developed RF noise suppressing solutions. Prior to that, at Airgo Networks (acquired by Qualcomm), he miniaturized early MIMO solutions into RFICs. Earlier in his career, Steffen was with Phillips Semiconductors. Steffen holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from RWTH Aachen in Germany.

Jung-Il Choi
Chief System Architect

Initially conceived as his class project at Stanford University, Jung-il and his colleagues first created full duplex radios during his PhD research, which became the technical basis for Kumu Networks that he co-founded. Jung-Il is the author of more than 20 patents around full duplex technology, and his research papers have been cited over 3000 times. Jung-il completed his MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and his BS in Electrical Engineering at Seoul National University, Korea.

Kumu Investors

Careers @ Kumu

We’re always on the lookout for great wireless engineers – software, firmware, hardware and RF!