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Our Technology

Kumu Network’s Self-Interference Cancellation technology enables radios to do what previously seemed impossible: send and receive at the same time on the same channel or adjacent channels. The result of an intense research and development effort, Self-Interference Cancellation technology has proved both practical and affordable, and is rapidly finding its way into a wide variety of wireless and wireline communication applications.

Our Solutions

Kumu Networks’ solutions empower RF system designers to manage and even eliminate the self-interference produced by local transmitters. Whether it is to build full-duplex systems, operate multiple radios in the same location on the same or nearby frequencies, improve the performance of traditional filters, or replace fixed filters with tunable filters, our solutions enable you to stay ahead of the technology curve–and ahead of the competition.

Markets Served

Kumu Networks’ solutions provide superior experiences to end-users and competitive advantages to service providers and equipment suppliers.

LTE & 5G