What is Wireless Full Duplex?

Wireless Full Duplex allows a radio to simultaneously transmit and receive overlapping signals using a single frequency channel. Imagine FDD performance within a single unpaired TDD channel, that's Wireless Full Duplex. 

Applications of Self Interference Cancellation in 5G and Beyond <IEEE Communications Magazine> 

What Has Kumu Succeeded To Do?

Kumu has developed technology that cancels Self-Interference, the "unwanted"  energy that leaks into a radio's receiver while transmitting. As a result of the cancellation, the receiver hears no noise from its transmitter, freeing it to cleanly receive external signals. A radio using Kumu's self-interference cancellation technology can transmit and receive at the same time on the same frequency. 

Why Is This Important?

Self-Interference Cancellation revolutionizes the wireless world. Not only does it enable wireless full duplex, doubling the spectral efficiency of every radio in the world (an economic value of trillions of dollars), but it also tremendously simplifies spectrum management: currently an enormously complex task in the hand of regulators.

Self-Interference Cancellation: In Addition to 5G, Applicable To A Host of Horizontal Wireless Technologies without Standards Modifications

Full Duplex Wireless Backhaul

Self-Interference Cancellation doubles wireless capacity and reduces spectrum requirements for wireless backhaul solutions


Self-Backhauled Small Cell

With Self-Interference Cancellation, the access and backhaul radios can operate simultaneously on the same frequency, allowing the small cell to backhaul itself while maintaining end-end throughput

Self-Interference Cancellation increases WiFi throughput and resiliency in dense and crowded environments without any change to existing clients  


Global Spectrum Harmonization

Self-Interference Cancellation acts as a software configurable filter, facilitating global LTE roaming by enabling cellular infrastructure and mobile phones to support multiple frequencies and carrier aggregation 

WiFi Direct Home Networking 

Self-Interference Cancellation enables multiple WiFi Direct connections on the same device to operate simultaneously in the same or adjacent channels

LAA/LTE-U and WiFi Coexistence

Self-Interference Cancellation enables LTE-U/LAA solutions to coexist seamlessly with WiFi operating in the same or adjacent channels